We provide the strongest and most comprehensive range of work lights designed to fit your needs. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative LED work lights, we always reach for that extra brightness, that extra operation time, those little touches that make a real difference when you need the best work light you can get.

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چراغ سان مچ 3 اسکن گريپ Scangrip A / S

  • شماره محصول 03.5651
  • شماره EAN 5708997356517
  • انواع محصولات چراغ دستی
  • وزن خالص (کیلوگرم) 0.27
  • طول (میلی متر) 190.00
  • عرض (میلی متر) 60.00
  • لامپ ، کابل شارژ ، شارژر ، دستی